more new car pics.

new car

I know I haven’t blogged in a while, but right now I feel the need 🙂

2 days ago I bought a new car to work on for me and my girlfriend Kara, it’s a 1987 Toyota Celica Liftback with pop up headlights. The engine runs perfectly, it just needs some work done on the body and some mechanical work done, which I can take care of.

I think this is a really nice looking car with a lot more character than most newer cars, but then again most cars haven’t had much character since 1976.

I have been working on the interior and bodywork of the car for the last 2 days, here is what it looked like when I bought it.

I will upload some more pictures tomorrow after I have worked on it some more.


more pictures.

Rod Lucas Art Studio

this is some work by local Karumba artist Rodney Lucas.

in the future you might see some of my photography in painting form 🙂


we camped at accident inlet the night before last and i took some pictures.

pictures from a while back.

i took these pictures while ago when i used to drive around in my car every day, they’re pretty good for a phone camera.

photography and Kara :)

i spent most of yesterday taking pictures of my girlfriend Kara and other random things that i thought would look good at specific angles, here is the best of the bunch. enjoy 🙂

i love this picture ^_^

the macro mode on my camera amazes me.